Our female leadership program

Female Leadership program

This program is designed for women with ambition. They will learn how to use their influence to reach their goals. It’s about developing more strategic skills, exploring personal values, creating a personal vision, showing your best self, negotiating effectively, dealing with power and to have much more fun at your job!

We organize this program off-line, on-line, in-company and also with open subscription.

This program gives you answers to questions like:

  • What unwritten rules do I need to know for my career?
  • What strategies do I choose to reach my goals?
  • How does my field of influence look like and who are the players?
  • How can I show and present my best self?
  • What are the best negotiating strategies?
  • What are the five levels of power and how do I use them?
  • What are my values and where do I stand for?
  • How do I use both my masculine and feminine qualities?

During this program we work with a  minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 12 participants. We spend and share a lot of personal experiences and cases combined with the latest scientific research and other literature.

Female Leadership Program

This program is developed to increase your strategic power. The participants become aware of the unwritten rules in organizations. They learn how to play the game in their own way and how to use their feminine and masculine qualities to reach their goals.

Female Leadership Program

Scientific research has shown that ambitious women, even if they are young, and without children, get stuck in their career. This happens because many women don’t understand how to play the game of ‘building a successful career’. If they don’t manage to grow in their own company they will find a job elsewhere, and then they realize that the same type of game is played in any company.

Our Female leadership program teaches participants the unwritten rules of the game and develop their strategic skills to excel in their company.

This program is a combination of workshops, personal coaching and inter-vision (group coaching). The participants will be encouraged to interview one or more (female) role models during the program.


Stratego: the unwritten rules

This workshop is about the unwritten rules and how to play the game of ‘building a successful career’ strategically without losing your own identity. The participants will learn the differences between feminine and masculine working styles and how to adopt different styles to reach their career goals. The participants will have discussions about the unwritten rules they have to deal with at your company.

Behavioural archetypes

Participants learn how to adopt their behaviour at certain moments and respond in a way that might not feel natural to them. They become aware of the pattern in their own and other people’s behaviour. In total, 11 archetypes are described in detail: 6 female and 5 male behavioural styles. All archetypes are present in each personality, but the way we grow up, live and work determines which ones are most dominant.

Field of influence

Participants will draw their own field of influence around a strategic goal. They will analyse their own field of influence and reflect on the following questions: Who are the main ‘players’ in my field of influence? Who has formal and informal power? What position do I choose? How do I use my own power? Which strategies are used and what strategy will I choose?

Strategic negotiation

To operate more effectively within our field of influence, we have to negotiate!

It’s one of the most critical factors for success. In this workshop, the participants will get insight in the negotiation process. We will discuss the different steps in negotiating: how do you prepare, what strategy do you choose and how do you play the ‘negotiation game’. We relate to the behavioural archetypes, and based on the checklist we developed, the participants will prepare and practice their own business negotiation case.

Personal branding and presenting

In this workshop, the participants learn to present themselves in an effective way. They will learn how to use more power in their verbal and non-verbal presentation. This workshop is extremely interactive. The participants will give a presentation and get feedback from the other participants and the facilitators. They will work on an effective elevator pitch and we will discuss the mechanism of ‘disappearing acts’; relational work many women do and that becomes invisible in the work environment.

How to deal with the power

During this workshop, the participants will get insight in the five levels of personal power. These levels are the path that people take in developing their own personalities, which in fact is the same path they take when developing their business qualities. Anyone can step into this system at any level, but they can also get stuck at any level. Today’s successful leader needs to be able to assimilate all the levels and apply one or another at any given moment. We learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the different levels and how to use them strategically.

Imaginary obstacles

Participants learn how to deal with imaginary obstacles that prevent them from getting the career they deserve and from daring to choose risky and interesting assignments. Some of the examples of imaginary obstacles are: “I don’t have enough experience”, “It’s only for men”, “I have to be always available” etc.

Experience has shown us that participants can learn a lot from peers. In this program, we will organize one inter-vision session. In this session, all participants will discuss their personal case with each other. This allows people to get input from their peers on issues and problems.

We believe that participants can learn a lot from each other, but they also need time to develop their individual strategies. In these individual sessions, all the participants will discuss how to present themselves during the closing dinner and prepare a pitch about what they learned during the Masterclass.

The last session of this female leadership program will be a closing dinner. This evening, the participants will share what they have learned during the program with the other participants and facilitators.

Female Leadership Program

This unique program is developed for women with ambition, women who want to grow and become in charge! Women who want to use their influence, become more strategic and who want to reach their personal goals.

‘Afrondingsavond Masterclass Stratego voor vrouwen 2019’

Female Leadership Program

Different partners of In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy will, depending on topics and group size, facilitate the different workshops, coaching and inter-vision.

During several workshops we will also hire diverse experts like an image and styling coach, an experience training actor and a specialist how to use your intuition.

Female Leadership Program

This is an example of our Female Leadership Program. We develop this tailor-made for your company. We are however, in the process of developing this program with open subscription. Please contact us if you want to receive updates on this.

Female Leadership Program

We organize this unique program in The Waverly House, a very private location in ‘De Waver’, between Ouderkerk aan den Amstel and Vinkeveen www.waverlyhouse.nl.

Female Leadership Program

Please contact us and we can discuss possibilities for your company and your budget

Female Leadership Program

“During this excellent program I became aware that working with my own personal values  is something extremely valuable to me.  I learned how to use my influence in different ways and that I am a lot more independent than I thought I was.”

Ines Plasmans, Director Communication and Public Affairs at Prorail 

“This is really the best gift I could ever give to myself. It is a ‘must’ for every woman who wants to become more empowered and who wants to develop her strategic skills. This very intensive program and various workshops teaches you a lot about yourself, to put things in perspective, gives you time for a good laugh and you will realize you are not the only one facing career challenges.”

Mandy Hundertmark, HR Executive Director, JVN gaming & entertainment group

“I made huge steps during this program. Not only a next step in my career (and salary increase) but also as a person. I really recommend this program for any woman who wants to develop het personal leadership skills.”

Renate Beckers, Programmamanager Organisatieontwikkeling, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

“Due to this program I feel a lot more confident. I can now appreciate the political game and play by the unwritten rules. And I am a much better negotiator. This is a very practical program that guarantees direct successes. It’s inspirational, motivative and extremely useful”. Alinda Magielse, Territory Manager Surgical, Bausch + Lomb

“This program taught to experience my job more as a game. I can now play the game strategically and have lots of fun with it. I don’t get irritated by my male peers of managers, I now realize what they do, how they think and I use it! Working is so much easy now.” Marjolein Meulensteen, Portfoliomanager Responsible Investing, a.s.r. insurance

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