What do we stand for?

We help you to develop your strategy skills, learn you the unwritten rules in business and make sure you will have more impact and influence to reach your goals.

Within the company you work for we introduce genderdiversity as a business issue. Together we will reach an inclusive culture that values both feminine and masculine qualities. This will not only increase business results but also a happier labourforce and a higher rate of job satisfaction for both men and women.

We use more than 25 years of personal and professional experience to put more women in charge. As we are sure that you and your company will then reach your goals and gain more profit. But overall we believe the world will be a much better place if both women and men are in charge!

Proven Track record

In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy was founded by  Monic Bührs en Elisa de Groot 25 years ago. We started as an executive search company and since 2002 the focus moved to training and coaching of ambitious women. Due to these many years of experience In Touch is now known as the expert to make women visible, keep women on board and develop female talent. Besides that all partners are frequently asked international speakers at worldwide events.

The senior partners are also authors of several bestsellers like ‘Stratego for women’, ‘The unwritten rules to boast your career’, ‘Onderhandelen voor vrouwen’, ‘Sterke mannen Slimme vrouwen’, ‘Vrouwen bluffen niet’ en ‘Stratego voor vrouwen’.

Why In Touch

  • Knowing the unwritten rules in business
  • More visibility and strategy
  • Fun playing business politics
  • Demonstrated impact
  • Practical and immediately applicable