‘Who doesn’t play the game, can’t win’

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‘Who doesn’t play the game, can’t win’
about the Masterclass Stratego for women 

I’ve learned in this class about playing the Game that feels so strange
But more important about who I am and how I should not change.

But how can I fully be myself, I don’t know who that is?
My life journey of self reflection is how I solve that complex quiz.

What are the things as a kid I liked to do?
Are those the same things I have now in my view?

Can I have a great career and on the world some impact?
While not losing sight of my values and what keeps me intact?

In this Masterclass I have opened my eyes and learned a great deal
How to see things in a different way, play the Game, but keep it real.

What is a success? These past months, myself I have asked
I have practiced and learned this through the things I have been tasked

I have learned that small things are successes too
That it’s important to name them and be sure they are in clear view.

I will post them, mail them, let the world know
They become bigger and more important just by saying so…

I won’t just see my work as ‘normal’ but realize my special skills,
my perseverance, due diligence, and other people’s gaps that my strength fills.

I will put myself out there and volunteer to do things that are new on my trail,
that I normally shy away from, in order to not fail.

To reach my career’s next step, visibility I need to show,
so I need to focus on what people see and for some other things – just let them go.

At the same time I can’t always please everyone and strive to be it all,
I will pick my battles and even be satisfied to let some things fall.

More often I need to go outside my comfort zone,
take the risk and try new things, explore the unknown.

Nothing is forever, see what happens and just say yes
Give it a shot, change my mind if I want, and just do my best

Athena and Aphrodite are invited to come out from the deep
Demeter is full motion and sometimes needs to sleep.

It’s great to have learned that this combo is really key
And that sometimes you need to let one come out more than the other “she”.

Another great learning for me is the silence and its power
Something I need to practice in every meeting, in every hour.

It will make me stronger and my message more clear
It will give me the opportunity to not only talk but to also hear.

But who am I now really? As I said from the start,
figuring this out is a really huge part.

Of being able to be happy and accepting who I am thus far,
and finding a fitting career that will allow me to raise the bar.

I am honest, analytical, passionate, and work hard
I have drive to make things go smoothly, grow the team, and go far

I value challenge, excitement, equality, and trust,
I value relations and building a solid base for my family is a must

I believe in passion at work, and using my time to also give back,
at my job I am able to volunteer and help others get on the right track

At my job I want to contribute to the world being a better place,
A job that helps companies innovate and improve our social space.

At the same time where I can be myself, feel my passion,
and that Game enjoy to play
While creating the right life balance, and helping the kids find their way.

One last thing I need to mention that I learned from my coach,
Is how I react to negative thoughts, and how to choose my approach.

Turn around those nagging feelings, when they come rushing in
Find another point of view and a different perspective to begin.

I want to be who I am and I want a safe place to be that way
I like who I am and at work, that game, I want to play.

While being the mother and wife at home is also key
I can’t deny myself the pleasure of the work challenges that make up me

Senior manager, IT industry

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